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Chapter 337 This Is A Disaster

  • With that, I began to drag Su Qian by her arms to head outside.
  • Li Shufen was frantic now. Without so much as a by-your-leave, she slapped me. That half of my face was now numb.
  • “Li Yahan, you poisonous, insidious woman. Just what kind of evil do you harbor within you? You are willing to raise your hand against Tang Xiao’s child just so that you can continue to cling to him?”
  • I laughed coldly. “That’s right. It’s the same thing, both of our kids. So why is it that my child is lowly stock, while hers is a precious little treasure? Why is that so?”
  • “It is simply because you’re not worthy of our Tang Xiao! I am telling you he is my son. He will marry whoever I ask him to marry. Do you believe me when I say this?”
  • Li Shufen now greatly resembled a howling mother wolf, radiating a threatening aura from every pore of her being.
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