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Chapter 334 Shocked

  • Eerie and malevolent voices roared around me. I screamed, feet stumbling over each other as I ran ahead. However, this place was far too massive. There were forks and various other ‘ghostly’ props. I was so frightened that my soul left my body.
  • I vaguely heard Tang Xiao calling me from behind. I didn’t dare to continue to wait for me. The weird noises kept assaulting my ears. My mind only had one thought, and it was to get out of this place.
  • However, reality was a cruel mistress: I got lost.
  • I had dashed into a room filled with coffins. Creepy green candlelights danced around the room. The moment I stepped into that room, the ‘monsters’ in the coffins rose up.
  • Their fingernails made a screeching sound against the boards of the coffins, so much so that the hairs on my back stood on end.
  • I screamed in fear, tears drenching my face. My legs were a little weak, and I could barely continue standing.
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