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Chapter 333 Could We Get Together Again?

  • I couldn’t see his expression in the dark, but I could imagine his disappointment right at this very moment.
  • Tang Xiao did not respond even after a while. I froze for half a beat as well, before I realized that I had been too careless.
  • “I’m sorry Tang Xiao. Please give me a bit more time. I… I can’t forget it.”
  • Tang Xiao took me into his embrace again. After a long silence, he finally said three words in a low voice, “I’m so sorry…”
  • My tears spilled all at once right after he said those words.
  • That incident had become a dark fixture in my mind. It was an impossible task to rid it from my memories. What I believed was, I was still very much in love with Tang Xiao.
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