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Chapter 317 A Tragic Ending

  • At this moment, Zhou Yuyao’s eyes were full of this good-looking man in front of her, and she did not even notice our presence from behind.
  • That man, holding a phone in his hand, was shaking and pointing at Zhou Yuyao, looking as if he had a polio.
  • That gesture really disgusted us. None of us could bear to see the assault, and we were ready to step forward to bring him down.
  • Apparently, Zhou Yuyao’s thought did not go in line with ours. She threw herself at that man, grabbing his arms tightly, while explaining to him persistently, “Honey, please listen to me. I did not cheat on you. He was my schoolmate in the university and there’s nothing between us… You’re the only one I love from the beginning. I was still a virgin when we got together!”
  • What was going on? What was wrong with Zhou Yuyao? She was so arrogant before, and now she turned into a woman who seemed to have lost her dignity begging and pleading with a man.
  • What had happened??
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