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Chapter 313 Are You Jealous

  • I jumped in shock. Did something happen to Su Qian?
  • Before I could get up from bed, Tang Xiao had already leapt up from the bed and disappeared at the bedroom door like an arrow that left its bow. I was stunned for a few seconds before lifting up the bed sheets to walk out as well.
  • After I went out, I saw Tang Xiao walking out of the bathroom with Su Qian, who only had a bath towel on, in his arms.
  • Su Qian's hand rested on Tang Xiao's shoulder anxiously. The short bath towel only covered the area below her chest, and ended just right after her lower regions. Her long fair thighs were exposed, and she looked absolutely dazzling.
  • When she saw me, Su Qian quickly slid off from Tang Xiao's arms. I saw most of what was underneath the bath towel. Looking at her anxious and fearful expression, I did not know what expression I should have on my face as I faced them.
  • "Yahan, don't get me wrong. I was just taking a shower in the bathroom and accidentally fell down. Tang Xiao came to help me..."
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