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Chapter 296 So The Situation Is Actually Like This?

  • Tang Xiao remained silent as he drove, his expression grave.
  • “I have no idea what she’s trying to pull as well, but the two of us cannot let down our guards. I know my mum. She’s not the kind of person to give up that easily. She definitely won’t let us go like that.”
  • Alright then, but tonight’s events sure were strange. That Su Qian didn’t look like she had any venom in her. On the contrary, she was quite adorable. I really had no idea whether she was just pretending or not.
  • Never mind, I should just stop thinking about it. After all, Tang Xiao and I were lawfully wedded spouses now. That Su Qian could only be a mistress at most, while I was the official wife.
  • I recalled how just a month ago, the days I spent with Tang Xiao were spent as though we were having an affair. I couldn’t have imagined that soon my life would do a 180. It still was quite the emotional event.
  • I canted my head and placed it upon Tang Xiao’s shoulder. I exhaled deeply.
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