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Chapter 274 Come Back Stronger

  • “Fan Yunan, I already told you before, there’s no way I will completely give my heart to you. Did you know that you can’t satisfy me? I don’t mind having a one-night stand with you though.”
  • Tang Xiao’s eyes lustfully lingered on Fan Yunan’s chest, as though he was studying a product.
  • “Quite a good body, much curvier than Li Yahan's. Since you already tried to seduce me countless times, why don't we get a room in the hotel tonight? I happened to have a date with a young artist this afternoon. Let’s bring Li Yahan along and have a group sex tonight.”
  • What the hell, why does he drag me into his own drama?
  • Up until then I was quietly being a bystander, but suddenly, all stern gaze was on me. I secretly gritted my teeth, and played along as I held Tang Xiao’s arm with a lustful look on my face.
  • “I don’t mind. It’s more exciting that way…”
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