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Chapter 254 To Have Or Not To Have A Showdown?

  • “She’s trying to take over Tang Group? Will she be capable enough to do that?”
  • Fan Yunan was undeniably an incredible woman with high ambitions.
  • “I don’t know if she’s capable or not, but she does seem smart enough when tackling me. I have secretly hired people to do the calculations and there’s already a financial deficit of about thirty million.”
  • I listened with fear and trepidation. That was a large sum! Was she not scared of going to jail?
  • However, I rolled my eyes at Tang Xiao and scolded, “Ha! Serves you right! You’re the one who put her in charge of finance and now that she has taken advantage of you, who can you blame?”
  • He stretched a hand to pinch my cheek and it was hurting a little. “Hey, you should have a little conscience, huh? If it was not for the sake of protecting both of us in the first place, would I have allowed her into my company? I don’t care, you need to take full responsibility in this matter.”
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