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Chapter 246 Something Terrible Has Happened

  • He vomited blood!
  • I was so anxious that tears welled up in my eyes, then I hurriedly called Mu Zisong.
  • "What should we do? Tang Xiao vomited blood. Did you drive your car here? Let's send him to the hospital!"
  • Mu Zisong snorted and said, "That's just right. If he died, wouldn't you be able to get together with that Mr. Tao then?"
  • Despite saying these words, he did not slow down his actions. I helped Tang Xiao on to his back, and the both of us worked together to bring him downstairs.
  • Mu Zisong quickly started the car. Meanwhile, I supported Tang Xiao in the backseat as he lay gently in my arms while being covered in cold sweat. I touched his forehead with my hand, which was made wet by the sweat on his forehead.
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