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Chapter 241 Competitor

  • Tang Xiao was being serious about this?
  • Was he for real? And fair competition, at that?
  • I looked at Tao Jin in disgruntlement. “He said that he wants to compete with you and you agreed? Are you a moron?”
  • Tao Jin was a little aggrieved as he held me, muttering softly, “Yahan, even though you haven’t mentioned it at all, I know that you still have something that you can’t put behind you. I’m already being sincere with you, but you’re still a little distant towards me. Isn’t that right?”
  • I remained silent. I had not realized this earlier, but now that he had mentioned it, I began to realize the changes within me.
  • “I can see that even though you keep telling me that you hate Tang Xiao and that you acted like you hate it, I am a businessman, Yahan. I can see through those little thoughts of yours. Those two times you didn’t come home was because of him, right?”
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