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Chapter 218 A Sweet Life

  • When I heard this sentence, the smile on my face was so wide that it almost reached my ears. At once, I did not know how to reply. I could only laugh dumbly and said, “You may rise now, my servant…”
  • Tao Jin gave me a dissatisfied glance. "What? Yahan, what’s in your head? I can’t continue if you answered me like that.”
  • I tiptoed and touched his head, comforting him with all solemness. “My dear servant, you don’t have to care about the details.”
  • He helplessly shook his head, while I quickly changed my shoes before running happily to the dining table with Shelly still in my arms. A table of delicious food soon entered my sight.
  • There were braised pork ribs, steamed fish, shrimps, and some other colorful dishes, so delicious-looking that I started to drool.
  • Mrs. Yu smiled shyly next to me. “Mr. Tao has told me to prepare this beforehand. I don’t know what you like, Miss Yahan, so I could only cook Mr. Tao’s favorite dishes…”
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