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Chapter 21 Malice

  • Yang Xin repeatedly stirred the cup with a coffee spoon. The sound of the coffee spoon clinking the cup wall made me shudder with chills.
  • “Li Yahan, other than me, nobody else was willing to be your friend during the four years of university, remember?”
  • Yang Xin’s question touched the most fragile string in my heart.
  • She was right. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Every time when I tried to talk to the girls in the same class, they would always avoid me and told me with a smile that it was very stressful to talk to me.
  • After several times, I no longer took the initiative to talk to them.
  • Because of this, when Yang Xin took the initiative to reach out to me after the English speech contest was over, I grasped it like a straw, refusing to let it go at all.
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