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Chapter 202 The Quarrel

  • The look on Fan Yunan’s face changed, but then she smiled and said, “Aren’t you childish? You’re trying to fight with me over a pot of soup?”
  • “Fight? I think you’re mistaken here. This pot of chicken soup was mine to start with, what right do you have to fight with me?”
  • I swore I did not want to quarrel with her over a pot of soup, but this did not mean that I would still smile and say thank you to someone who was bullying me. However, as she was someone important to Tang Xiao, I did not want things to get too ugly.
  • Hence, I walked into the kitchen and started adding seasonings into the soup. When I was almost done, Fan Yunan came in and stood on one side, as though she was a kitchen model, even the cooker hood behind her looked like it was beaming with light.
  • I did not pay attention to her and continued cooking my soup. However, in the next second, she slapped me hard, the spoonful of soup in my hand all fell to the floor and the ceramic spoon was smashed to pieces.
  • “Are you crazy?”
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