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Chapter 197 The Feeling of Being Abandoned

  • Really now… how did I get here in such a daze?
  • I raised my head to look at Tao Jin and forced a smile onto my face. “Tao Jin, what a coincidence meeting you here!”
  • Tao Jin’s fingers tapped rhythmically on his steering wheel as he began to slowly speak. “I was driving halfway when I saw you walking around like you’ve lost your soul, so I followed you. I didn’t dare to bother you, but I also hadn’t imagined that you would come to seek me out by yourself.”
  • My face reddened at those mocking words of his. I could not speak a single word.
  • “Judging from how you look, you haven’t eaten yet, right?”
  • I hastily shook my head. “I have already eaten dinner…”
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