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Chapter 196 I Should Just Move Out

  • She spoke those vicious words as if I would suddenly fear her.
  • However, Fan Yunan’s antics were rather unorthodox. Since she said that, she would definitely walk the talk. I found it a pity that she had such a filthy, foul mind behind that pretty face of hers.
  • I slept till evening with that sense of agitation until I heard the sound of a door opening outside my room. I knew that Tang Xiao had returned.
  • I pretended to have just woken up as I went to open the bedroom door. When I walked out, my eyes met Tang Xiao’s.
  • Just as I was contemplating how to break the news of Fan Yunan’s visit, the door to Tang Xiao’s bedroom opened right at the next second.
  • Fan Yunan dashed out in delight and wrapped her arms around Tang Xiao. Even though she was a tall woman who was over 170 centimeters in height, she still acted like an endearing little creature. This was completely at odds with her appearance.
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