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Chapter 190 The Target Was Not Him?

  • After staring at me with his jet-black eyes for a while, he started to hold his stomach and burst into laughter.
  • “Hahaha… Li Yahan, how much novels have you read? Who would ever thought of this stupid method of poisoning in this era?”
  • He was the one being stupid! If I would have known that this was the way he responded, I should have let him stew in his own juice.
  • “Tang Xiao, I’m not kidding. I’m telling you the truth! Can’t you be more serious?”
  • He finally stopped laughing and looked at me seriously. "Then tell me, who wants to frame me up?"
  • I calmed down and said, "It's Fan Yunan. When I picked up the coffee on the second floor, I saw her mother gave her a drug container that looked like a small glass tube, and they mentioned your name as well…"
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