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Chapter 187 Just Apologize

  • Now this was awkward.
  • I glanced at Fan Yunan, only to see her face beginning to pale. Ha! Look who went for wool and came home shorn? Even your man was on my side now, how was that?
  • I did not know why, but though I looked a bit nervous, I was actually ecstatic inside.
  • So that was how it felt to be protected. Tang Xiao did have a conscience after all, speaking up for me at this moment.
  • However Tao Jin… Did he say that to help me?
  • My life was not a fairytale, so why would there be scenes of Prince Charming falling in love with me? Besides, Tao Jin was such a nice person. It must be because he did not want me to feel bad so he covered up for me.
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