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Chapter 181 The Boring Elite Conference

  • I originally wanted to ignore him, but I stopped reflexively and stood there waiting for him as he shouted.
  • He walked over proudly, and continued to walk forward with my shoulders in his arms.
  • I despised him from the bottom of my heart. We were in front of his girlfriend, yet he still dared to flirt with me?
  • But if he was not afraid to let his girlfriend witness this, why should I be afraid then? I was forced to do this after all.
  • I walked to the door and pretended as if I did not see Fan Yunan, but in fact, I had already noticed the nasty look in her eyes from the corners of my eyes. I knew that it was useless to beg Tang Xiao, so I could only turn my pitiful gaze to Tao Jin.
  • He furrowed his brows and had an expression that said he could not save me from my miseries, telling me that he was powerless to come to my rescue despite wanting to.
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