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Chapter 160 The Unexpected Accident

  • His expression remained cold. After hitting me, he quickly snapped back to his senses, and started to touch my face gently.
  • Pushing away his hand, I said with a serious expression, "You don't have to pretend to be kind and shed crocodile tears. You've already hit me, so why are you regretting it now? Why are you pretending to be a good person now?"
  • I struggled to stand up from the bed, yelling angrily like a crazy woman.
  • "Tang Xiao, I curse that you will be childless for this lifetime. I curse that no matter who you marry, you would not be able to have a child. Even if your wife became pregnant and wanted to give birth, I curse that she would die along with the fetus!"
  • I really despised him, and did not forget to give a kick in the direction of his crotch. But, he was highly vigilant, so he managed to avoid it in an instant. I only manage to kick his thighs.
  • This time, I had completely angered him. His huge hands grabbed and held my leg, and pinned me down beneath his body.
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