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Chapter 150 You Have True Love Too

  • How I wished I could just find a place to hide away. If he found out that I was here shopping with Tao Jin, he would surely strip my skin away!
  • Taking into account the seriousness of the matter, I immediately increased my pace, itching to get the hell out of this place, so as to not be discovered by him.
  • After not more than two steps, Tao Jin shouted after me, "Li Yahan, why are you walking so fast? Are you starving already?”
  • To be honest, his joke was not funny at all. Instead, it sent fear in me, fear of being found out by Tang Xiao. I was completely choked by anxiety.
  • I turned around to take a peep at the place where Tang Xiao was standing on the second floor, only to find out that somehow a tall and lanky girl was already standing next to him.
  • Wait, to be more precise, she was a very feminine woman. She had beautiful long brown curly hair and a slender waist that made her look like a movie star. Just her back alone was already enough to make many women feel ashamed.
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