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Chapter 146 When Two Enemies Meet

  • She was holding He Feng’s hand as she walked toward us. Did she really think that she was a movie star walking on the runway?
  • He Feng, on the other hand, had lost a lot of weight recently. He looked miserable and his entire person seemed to have become tanner. I wonder if this was the result of being tortured by Yang Xin.
  • I even wondered if he went to Africa for a business trip, but now it was not the time for me to ponder whether he had gone to Africa. It was definitely impossible for me to go up to ask him.
  • Because Yang Xin was standing next to him. If that witch knew that I was here, she would definitely get to the bottom of this matter, and if she found out that ‘I’ had an abortion here...
  • She would definitely create troubles for me.
  • She and I had been best friends for so many years so of course I knew her character well. Just like how I was curious why she was here in the hospital, I would also ask around for some juicy details if she was the one who came here for abortion instead.
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