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Chapter 144 She's Pregnant

  • What?
  • My jaw instantly dropped, forming a perfect O-shape, as I asked her in disbelief.
  • “You’re not pulling my legs right?”
  • She pursed her lips, tears flooding her eyes. “Who the hell would joke about such a thing? I’m really pregnant… It has been more than two months and it will be obvious if I keep dragging it on…”
  • Anxiety built inside my chest when I saw her upset. “What then? Oh yeah, who is the child’s father? Only by finding the child's biological father can he be held accountable to you."
  • Her face turned even gloomy as she spoke haltingly, “How could I possibly know who it is? I’ve lost money gambling at the Macau casino that night so I went to drink… When I woke up again, I was already in a hotel and I didn’t even see that guy, so tell me, how should I go find him to hold him accountable?”
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