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Chapter 13 Release

  • After seeing the two policemen who came in behind Jiang Zhigang, I finally lowered my guard and ran to stand behind the policemen, putting some distance between me and Jiang Zhigang.
  • The woman who helped me to report to the police just now was also present so I gave her a grateful look.
  • The policemen told me that Jiang Zhigang was suspected of false imprisonment so he would be taken to the police station for a few days. Not only that, they also asked Wang Shufen, that woman and I to go to the police station to give testimony.
  • When I reached the police station, I told the policewoman who put the testimony in writing the ins and outs of the incident that had taken place these few days. She sympathized with my encounter and even comforted me.
  • I added that I wanted to divorce Jiang Zhigang as soon as possible. The policewoman said that they would convey these to Jiang Zhigang and his mother so that we could negotiate a divorce in the shortest time possible.
  • It was already midnight by the time I came out of the police station. Looking at myself who had nothing right now, I took out the phone that Jiang Zhigang had been asked by the policeman to return, and called Yang Xin.
  • The instant I heard Yang Xin’s voice resonating from the other end of the phone, I could no longer hold back the grievances I suffered these days and burst into tears on the street.
  • With great concern, Yang Xin asked me where I was and said that she was already back so she would come to pick me up.
  • Not long after I told her the location of the police station, she drove to pick me up to her house.
  • “Yahan, don’t cry anymore. Just have a good sleep.”
  • As Yang Xin tucked me in, she comforted me to sleep.
  • The closed room elicited fear from me. I pulled Yang Xin’s hand and begged her not to leave.
  • She sighed and cursed Jiang Zhigang for being a beast. After that, she immediately told me that she would sleep with me so that I would no longer have to be afraid.
  • Yang Xin was my only friend when I was in university. We have the same supervisor and though we studied in the same translation department, we did not share the same class.
  • I met her at an English speech contest. At that time, I had defeated several contestants with crushing force and finally encountered her at the very end.
  • Even though I eventually won the championship after a round of fierce competition, Yang Xin still took the initiative to shake hands with me and said that she was very happy to meet me.
  • Just like that, we became friends and even best friends. Other than Jiang Zhigang, she was my only warm memory in my four years of university life.
  • As I hugged her, I calmed down and finally fell into a deep slumber.
  • Early in the morning, Wang Shufen called me and said that Jiang Zhigang agreed to a divorce. However, she asked me to change my testimony to prevent Jiang Zhigang from going to jail for false imprisonment.
  • They two were so good in calculation, since they knew that I was eager to get a fast divorce. Even so, I just did not care anymore. I would already extremely grateful that I could escape from the Jiang family as soon as possible.
  • After Jiang Zhigang was released, he followed me to the Marriage Registration Office to take care of the divorce procedure.
  • When I finally held the piece of paper in my hand, hot tears rolled down from my cheeks.
  • I remembered the day when I first obtained the marriage certificate together with Jiang Zhigang here, I had also shed hot tears thinking that I had married my love.
  • I looked at Jiang Zhigang’s face. He was still as handsome as two years ago, the same look I was infatuated with.
  • Jiang Zhigang let me go easily without much entanglement. Carefully holding the divorce certificate in my hand, I left the Marriage Registration Office.
  • Now, the most important thing was to go back to my office and explain to my boss what happened in the past few days and why I did not go to work.
  • However, when I reached the office, I was told by the young girl at the front desk that I had already been fired and my position had been replaced by another person.
  • I walked out of the office dejectedly. This result was also expected. I could imagine how the boss flew into rage for not being able to find me when he needed me.
  • With my marriage and job both gone, I wandered down the street in distraction.
  • A black Mercedes suddenly parked next to me and a familiar face poked out of the window.
  • “I heard that you’ve been fired by Zhao. So? Are you interested in working in my company?”
  • Tang Xiao flashed an evil smile. “I’ll give you three times the salary as promised, but ..."
  • He paused, eliciting a bad premonition from my heart, for this guy had never played according the rules at all.