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Chapter 92 Scram!

  • Due to Jun Feng's influences, Tian Cheng was able to do relatively well in Xin Yang City. They were recently doing an advertisement for Jun Feng Real Estates. They even managed to hire a famous talk show hostess Liu Ying to be their spokesperson.
  • The shooting of the advertisement took place at Yue Liang Wan, while Cheng Yuan was assigned to be the person in charge of this project.
  • They were planning to do a scene at the beach today, Cheng Yuan was sitting in the seaview villa and gazing at the busy crew members not far away.
  • Among them was Bai An Xiang, who just started work at Tian Cheng and of course, Liu Ying.
  • Speaking of which, Cheng Yuan could only see a famous star like Liu Ying through the TV, he was impressed to finally be able to see her in person.
  • That was the power of money. He also heard that these stars would even sleep with him if he paid the right price.
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