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Chapter 56 Blending Into the Liang Ju Group

  • During the day, Master Bai was admitted into hospital for being overly agitated after learning about the bad news.
  • Every single one of Bai Corporation's clients terminated their contracts with them in the matter of days. Some of them were even willing to pay off the liquidated damages to do so.
  • It was no longer a secret that the mysterious Liang Ju Group was going all out to attack Bai Corporation.
  • However, they were an organization consisting of a group of companies while Bai Corporation, who only held a single estate was no match against them. Moreover, most of Bai Corporation's cash had been invested into the new project, hence they were completely dominated by Liang Ju.
  • At the moment, apart from the new project, Bai Juices Limited which was taken care by Bai An Xiang, the rest of Bai Corporation's operations had been halted.
  • The executives of the company gathered for a meeting discussion. They attended the meeting with the anticipation for a group layoff to cut cost.
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