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Chapter 243 One Billion

  • "Please take a seat."
  • It was a strangely ordinary tone. With a bandage around her head, Bai An Xiang's attitude toward Cheng Yuan sent a chill down his spine.
  • Just as he was about to enter the ward, he met Mu Ru Zhen who was on her way out.
  • Mu Ru Zhen told Cheng Yuan that Bai An Xiang's memory had partially recovered, but she only managed to remember what happened up to two years ago and forgot everything that happened recently.
  • Two years ago, this was not long after their marriage. Bai An Xiang's attitude toward Cheng Yuan was exactly like this at the time.
  • There was not love, there was not even a little bit of good impression, moreover, there were even hints of disdain and scorn.
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