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Chapter 108 Moved

  • It was the first time Bai An Xiang was so mad at Cheng Yuan and the first time she cared so much about him.
  • Thus she deliberately ignored Cheng Yuan the whole way, she wanted to let him know that she was mad at him for impetuously risking his own life.
  • When they arrived at home, Cheng Yuan sensibly went to the front passenger's seat and squatted down, gesturing to carry Bai An Xiang.
  • Bai An Xiang did not hesitate before climbing onto his back. Once again, Cheng Yuan used his hands to support her buttocks, then felt the same excruciating pain.
  • He did not show it, he just secretly gritted his teeth while sweat was breaking out on his forehead.
  • Cheng Yuan was still smiling when he bid Mu Ru Zhen goodbye, he even told her to be careful on the road.
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