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Chapter 199 Insisting To Get Into Trouble

  • "I'm curious to see which one of you dare!" Jin Jie shielded Cheng Yuan and the rest like a hero, then said furiously.
  • Anyone who did not know Jin Jie's personality would think that he was a loyal man. In fact, Cheng Yuan understood that the dude was just eager to impress. Had the guards been switched to a group of robbers with weapons, Jin Jie was certainly going to pretend like he did not know Cheng Yuan.
  • During university studies, Cheng Yuan asked his lecturer, The Qianlong Emperor was clear that Heshen was a corrupted official, why would he keep him in a key position?
  • At the time, the lecturer explained that there were numerous types of people in the world, anyone had their own ways to survive.
  • Heshen relied upon The Qianlong Emperor to survive. As long as the Qing Dynasty was in peace and Qianlong was alive, not only could Heshen ensure his safety, he would continue to climb the hierarchy. On the other hand, if the people were fighting against the regime, Heshen would be one of the first people to die.
  • Killing Heshen would earn the support of the people. Similarly, once The Qianlong Emperor was dead and The Jiaqing Emperor succeeded the throne, Heshen would also be killed in exchange for the support of the people. Heshen was clear about this as well.
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