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Chapter 104 Six Million in Cash

  • "To sign a ten-million debt note when you only owe six million, I have no idea what you're thinking." Cheng Yuan took a few steps forward from the crowd and said while shaking his head.
  • Everyone on the scene turned their eyes to Cheng Yuan, they were looking at him in confusion.
  • Meanwhile, Wang Meng Chuan was gawking at Cheng Yuan, he pointed at Cheng Yuan and scolded, "Bloody hell, you again, what are you doing here?"
  • "I'm here to stop your father from getting conned." Cheng Yuan said indifferently, then turned to Wang Cheng, "What year are we living in, you still talk about arranged marriage?"
  • "First of all, what you're doing is against the law, regardless of what the parents desire, if Wang Zi Yan doesn't agree, this is all nonsense, it will just be a piece of paper with numbers at the end of the day, and the six-million debt would turn to ten million instead!"
  • "Right, the figure has legal effect, because it is just a debt note."
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