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Chapter 74 Dismiss?

  • The siren did not bother Cheng Yuan, he carried Bai An Xiang in his arms and walked out with a grimace.
  • The building was filled with men wailing on the floor.
  • "He escaped from the back door." Bai Long came up behind Cheng Yuan and said.
  • Cheng Yuan squinted and said apathetically, "As much as he can run, this building can't."
  • He warned Long Chen Yu to stay away from Bai An Xiang multiple times, but Long Chen Yu kept pushing his boundaries one time after another. He even drugged Bai An Xiang this time, if Cheng Yuan did not manage to show up in time, the ending will be unthinkable.
  • Thus, Cheng Yuan would no longer tolerate Long Chen Yu.
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