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Chapter 93 Then Don't Shoot

  • "What?"
  • Cheng Yuan's words baffled everyone on the scene, it was presumptuous for a mere person in charge to tell a famous star to scram, even the boss of Jun Feng would have to speak to Liu Ying with courtesy.
  • The agent got mad, "Who do you think you are? Telling us to scram?"
  • "Director, you heard it, it's not that we don't want to do the shot, the person in charge doesn't allow us to." Liu Ying scoffed and told the director.
  • The director was put on the spot now, he quickly told Cheng Yuan, "Mr. Cheng, please don't escalate the situation unnecessarily, if the executives of Jun Feng find this out, I'm afraid you'll lose your job too."
  • When Bai An Xiang heard that Cheng Yuan would possibly lose his job, her face instantly turned pale, she quickly grabbed onto his arm and said anxiously, "Cheng Yuan, just leave it, it's my fault, at worst, I'll just quit the job."
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