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Chapter 197 Are You Done Bidding?

  • Meng Zhou quickly turned to his secretary and said, "Tell the bastard to bloody stop bidding."
  • As the matter of fact, Meng Zhou did not want to face Cheng Yuan, he also did not want Cheng Yuan to find out about his relationship with Meng Da Qian.
  • Actually, he also had no idea that his son would show up today.
  • The secretary nodded, then quietly got up and squeezed himself through the crowd to come behind Meng Da Qian.
  • "Mr. Meng, the chairman asked me to tell you to stop bidding, the ring isn't worth the money."
  • Meng Zhou was furious and bitter, but his secretary did not notice it. It was not like the secretary should tell Meng Da Qian to 'blood stop bidding', right? Hence, he took the liberty to reword the sentence.
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