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Chapter 25 Bai Long

  • Two days later, in Xin Yang City.
  • Wang Zi Yan just returned to the company after attending to some matters, she parked her car in the parking lot and met a backpacker wearing a sweater in the common hall.
  • Wang Zi Yan was curious of the stranger’s outfit because it was summer, besides, the average temperature of Xin Yang City had reached 38 degrees, everyone else would rather take off their shirts if they could, but this guy was wearing a thick, grey sweater.
  • “Mister, may I know who you are looking for?” The attendant at the door asked the backpacker.
  • The backpacker answered with a hoarse voice, “The chaiman of Jun Feng, Cheng Yuan.”
  • Wang Zi Yan paused her footsteps.
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