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Chapter 31 Call Me Master

  • “Crack!”
  • Bai Long took out his hand and gripped left arm of the bald man, followed by a loud crack and the bald man’s screeching.
  • Bloody hell, he can break someone’s bones with a grip?
  • Voices of amazement and disturbance arose from the crowd, some of the timid ones in the crowd even covered their face in terror.
  • Cheng Yuan was also dumbfounded, he did not intend to let Bai Long break their hands and planned to stop him just as Bai Long was about to do so, so that he can play the hero. To his surprise, the dude was so nimble and had the ability to crush someone’s bones with a single grip.
  • Bald Man Xu was yelping helplessly, he had already forgotten the last time he was beatened up.
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