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Chapter 148 The End

  • Meng Zhou was the chairman of Dong Ho Enterprise. From Wang Zi Yan's research, they experienced a financial crisis three years ago, Jun Feng helped them by investing three million into their business to ensure their survival.
  • Meng Zhou was the biggest beneficiary from the incident, so logically, his Dong Ho would be the last organization to go up against Jun Feng.
  • "Then how should I address your chairman?" Cheng Yuan asked.
  • Secretary Li did not bat an eye at Cheng Yuan, he turned to his side and said arrogantly, "There's no need to address him, our chairman is busy, he doesn't have the time to receive you, please leave."
  • "He's busy?" Cheng Yuan said in surprise, "That means he's here at the company?"
  • Upon hearing this, Secretary Li got infuriated, "Do you not understand? The chairman will not see you guys, does he need to report his schedule to you? Who the hell do you think you are?"
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