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Chapter 96 Fine, I Swear

  • For some reason, Cheng Yuan felt extraordinarily weak today, so he almost stumble to the ground after being punched by Wang Meng Chuan, luckily Wang Zi Yan was there to support him before he fell.
  • Wang Zi Yan quickly shoved Wang Meng Chuan away and shielded Cheng Yuan, she scolded, "What are you doing?"
  • Jun Feng's chairman being punched by her own brother would have consequences. Wang Zi Yan also witnessed Bai Long's skills, she was terrified.
  • However, Wang Meng Chuan was ignorant, he thought Cheng Yuan was scared of him as he did not fight back, he scoffed, "Sis, you're blinded, I thought you fell for some real deal, but it ended up to be a pussy who hid behind the protection of a lady."
  • "What on earth are you talking about?: Wang Zi Yan rebuked him.
  • "Why? Did I say anything wrong?" Wang Meng Chuan rolled up his sleeves, "Get out of the way, let's see if I will thrash this guy!"
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