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Chapter 44 Calling You a Fat Pig

  • Cheng Yuan dragged Bai An Xiang to Audi’s car dealership, Bai An Xiang asked in confusion, “What are we doing here?”
  • “Just pick one.” Cheng Yuan pointed at the wide variety of Audi cars in the shop with a smile.
  • Bai An Xiang could not believe her ears, “You mean…”
  • Cheng Yuan nodded, “As the general manager at Bai Corporation, there’s no way you should keep taking the bus.”
  • “Even if that’s the case, we didn’t have to come here, we can’t afford this.” Bai An Xiang shook her head with a frown.
  • “As I said, I’m buying you the car, just pick one, don’t worry about the money.” Cheng Yuan said.
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