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Chapter 16 Impenitence

  • Although she had doubts, Bai An Xiang did not hesitate because her instincts told her that Cheng Yuan would never hurt her.
  • With a perturbed heart, Bai An Xiang came back to the Yue Liang Wan Estate office in the following morning.
  • It felt like a dejavu.
  • A fine-looking attendant ushered her into the general manager’s office and she was welcomed by the zealous general manager Zhang Xun with a smile.
  • Perhaps Bai Yong Ming would be infuriated by this scene if he was here.
  • Bai An Xiang planned to talk about the details of the upcoming project with Zhang Xun, but he just waved his hands indifferently, it made Bai An Xiang became more curious.
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