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Chapter 65 Who Do You Think You Are

  • While Li Ning Juan was enraged, Bai Shi Ju appeared to be unaffected at all after being pushed around.
  • On the other hand, Master Bai pretended to not notice the entire exchange.
  • In reality, the most awkward position was to be in Bai An Xiang's shoes, she was not sure where to sit anymore, whether to take a seat at the table or sitting next to her family at the back row.
  • At this moment, the boardroom door was pushed open, four to five middle-aged men in suit followed by entering the room and sat across from the Bais.
  • This caught everyone's attention in the room.
  • Their leader was a solemn middle-aged man with golden-frame glasses. He sat down and listlessly introduced himself, "My name is Zhang Huai, the general manager of Liang Ju, glad to meet you all."
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