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Chapter 71 There's This Thing Called Talented

  • Except the dagger was not pierced too deeply into his flesh, because the blade was blocked by a large hand. Meanwhile, fresh blood was seen dripping from the space between the fingers of this hand.
  • Bai Long suddenly appeared in front of Cheng Yuan in a grey sweater, he used his hand to block the blade.
  • He came out of no where, as if he teleported from thin air, not only did Cheng Yuan not expect it, the assassin was also shocked.
  • Bai Long glanced at Cheng Yuan's wound on his belly, then gradually turned to the assassin as his eyes turned cold.
  • This was perhaps the first time he showed an emotion on his face.
  • The assassin was relieved once he recognized Bai Long's face, perhaps to him, the 190-centimeter tall dude was nothing much, at least the dude was absolutely nothing to him!
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