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Chapter 101 Someone Is Missing

  • Bai Shi Ju's household rushed here and left in a blink, this left Bai Yong Ming confused."
  • "Humph, you're only asking to be humiliated." Bai Yong Ming scoffed as their cars were driven far away.
  • While the entire exchange was witnessed by Bai Yong Lin before he entered the house.
  • Bai Yong Lin was three years younger than Bai Yong Ming, he was same age as Bai An Xiang. He was the son of Master Bai's second child, Bai Shi Qi. He usually followed Bai Yong Ming around, wherever he went.
  • "Bro, what happened?" Bai Yong Lin asked curiously.
  • Bai Yong Ming scoffed, "Bai Shi Ju's household wanted to join the family meeting, they were chased away by me, hoho... What a shameless bunch of people."
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