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Chapter 49 I Have a Car

  • After hanging up the call, Cheng Yuan frowned in deep pondering. Who is this mysterious boss of Liang Ju? It’s obvious that the capital chain is fracturing but they insist to engage Bai Corporation in a price war…
  • He sensed a conspiracy happening behind the scenes.
  • But he took a deep breath and put his thoughts away, preparing to showcase himself in front of his mother in law.
  • Speaking of which, he had already gotten Bai An Xiang’s acceptance, hence his mother in law’s displeasure for him was the biggest issue right now.
  • If it were anyone unrelated to Bai An Xiang, Cheng Yuan would not hesitate before giving her a few slaps across the face.
  • But the truth was, she was his mother in law, in order to spend the rest of his life with Bai An Xiang, he had to get her approval. After all, without her blessings, their marriage would never be perfect.
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