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Chapter 50 The Car Is Here

  • “Passat?” Cheng Yuan paused, he scowled and tried to recall the price of a Passat, he remembered Lin Chang Yi used to own one during his university times.
  • Long Chen Yu heard Cheng Yuan’s doubts, he dismissed Cheng Yuan’s question as sour grapes and scoffed, “Why? Do you look down on the Passat? At least its worth a few hundred thousands, much better than the domestic cars you’re buying.”
  • Just as he finished his words, the door bell rang.
  • Bai An Xiang swiftly got up and answered the door through the live video feed.
  • “Hello, may I know if Bai Shi Ju is in?”
  • Bai Shi Ju put down the chopsticks in his hands and went over, “Bai Shi Ju here.”
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