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Chapter 125 He's the Mastermind

  • "You...!" When Long Chen Lang saw the people, he instantly showed signs of terror on his face, "How did you find me here?"
  • "Not everyone is an idiot, sometimes, if you try to be too smart, you'll end up outsmarting yourself!" Bai Long and Li Wei followed behind Cheng Yuan. They swaggered toward the Long Family and sat down comfortably right in front of them, staring at them intensely.
  • Every member of the Long Family was in a daze, they had no idea what just happened.
  • "Humph, so what if you manage to find us here?" Long Chen Lang noticed there were only three of them, he sighed in relief and settled down, he scoffed, "There're so many of us here versus the three of you, if I were to murder you and toss you into the ocean, I believe nobody would notice."
  • Upon hearing Long Chen Lang's words, the Long Family came back to their senses, the lifeless faces were immediately filled with joy.
  • True enough, if they just murdered the few of them and tossed them into the ocean, who could look into them? Even if someone did open an investigation, the Longs would have been long gone, hence they did not care.
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