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Chapter 54 Not My Cup of Tea

  • “To be clear with you, this is just a pretense, don’t take it personally.” Mu Ru Zhen warned Cheng Yuan nervously.
  • He knew that Mu Ru Zhen misunderstood him but could not bother explaining his smile, so he muttered, “Don’t worry, you’re not my cup of tea”
  • “Pfft!” Mu Ru Zhen rolled her eyes out of despise.
  • “Remember, when you get to my house, you’ve got to be as boastful as you can, you must make my parents hate you.” Mu Ru Zhen reminded once again.
  • The engine was started, then Cheng Yuan asked confusedly, “Can you elaborate, how boastful should I be?”
  • Mu Ru Zhen frowned and was starting to lose her patience, “My dad is a teacher, he always hates people who talk big, so you should talk as big as you can, make yourself seem as unreliable as you can, then that’s it.”
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