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Chapter 106 Caught on Fire

  • Wang Cheng and his family stood by the gate and stared at the car as it was driven to a distance.
  • "So our daughter likes her chairman, what a young man!" Wang Cheng said.
  • Sun Xin nodded and said, "Great, Zi Yan could live a good life from now on."
  • "Of course, Jun Feng is the most prominent organization in Xin Yang City." Wang Cheng said with a tinge of emotion.
  • "Dad, mom, Cheng Yuan..." Wang Meng Chuan said in a troubled expression.
  • Wang Cheng patted his shoulders and smiled, "Don't worry, son, your brother in law only said it in the heat of the moment, we'll ask your sister to persuade him when everything is cooled down, he'll surely arrange a position for you at Jun Feng."
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