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Chapter 116 Chen Cheng the Assassin

  • "So, try and make sure she doesn't get too agitated." The doctor told Cheng Yuan and Bai Shi Ju in the doctor's office.
  • "Why is this happening?" Cheng Yuan heart sank.
  • Cheng Yuan and Bai Shi Ju ran up to the doctor when he just came out earlier, they were asked to go to his office.
  • The doctor told them that he conducted a thorough investigation on Bai An Xiang, she was completely normal except there were trace of toxins in her blood.
  • This was a slow releasing toxin, doctor said that it would not cause any harm for the moment, but she must not become too agitated as she may pass out if her heart rate exceeds a certain limit.
  • "Then what type of toxin is it?" Cheng Yuan asked.
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