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Chapter 216 The Peculiar Lady Rogue

  • Cheng Yuan and Li Nan Di walked to the parking lot. "Ah!" Just as Cheng Yuan was going to open the car door, he heard a scream.
  • He turned around abruptly and found Li Nan Di being held hostage by a few men with a small dagger.
  • "Brothers, you're here for money, right? Don't do anything rash." Cheng Yuan swiftly said.
  • Who would not be tempted after seeing him give a young lady 50 thousand in public? Sure, ordinary folks would be tempted, but most of them would obey the law.
  • However, it was an unlucky night for them as they ran into these men who would risk their lives.
  • It was easy for Cheng Yuan to guess that they were going after money.
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