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Chapter 151 Counselling

  • Bai An Xiang smiled like a blooming water lily.
  • Even as a lady, Mu Ru Zhen could not help but stare at Bai An Xiang, she mumbled with a hint of jealousy, "Oh dear, what a captivating smile you got, no wonder so many people like you."
  • "Smack!" Bai An Xiang slapped her buttocks, "Quit teasing me."
  • Mu Ru Zhen planted her head into the blanket and prostrated lifelessly on the bed like a dying fish, "I'm so mad!"
  • As for the question she asked previously, Bai An Xiang did not answer so she did not pursue further, because the answer was already clear.
  • Cheng Yuan would risk his life for Bai An Xiang, why would she not forgive him?
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