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Chapter 40 The Opening Dance

  • The spotlight shone on one person and he became the center of attention of the ball, he was Cheng Yuan.
  • The moment Bai An Xiang saw Cheng Yuan, she felt a mini explosion in her brain that took away her ability to reason, she thought to herself, is he here to condemn me? Since she did not get Cheng Yuan’s consent before accepting to be Long Chen Yu’s partner.
  • While Long Chen Yu, who was on stage, frowned subconsciously. He thought, what’s this useless guy doing here? But it’s a good thing he knows about it anyway, so his relationship with An Xiang would be broken and I could take advantage of it.
  • Lin Chang Yi was completely dumbfounded, he questioned Cheng Yuan furiously, “How could you be here?”
  • “Cheng Yuan, you useless dude, don’t make a scene here.” Bai Yong Ming scolded as he just entered the ballroom.
  • Perhaps to him, the Bai Family should be fawning over Long Teng, a useless piece of trash like Cheng Yuan was in no place to interrupt their event. After all, what was the big deal for Young Master Long to fancy Cheng Yuan’s wife? What was the issue for letting him hug her for a moment? Maybe he would be appeased and would make potential business deals with the Bais as a result.
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